Automotive Tank Testing from $66, Reconditioned LPG Cylinder Tanks from $220 available Australia wide

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Advanced Cylinder Testing is your one stop shop for LPG cylinders, we are specialists in Automotive LPG cylinders.

At the core of our business, we perform the ten year safety inspections on Automotive Cylinders (but not limited to automotive) and sell reconditioned automotive LPG cylinders for new installations or to replace tanks that have failed there ten year safety inspection. On top of all that, we also:

  • Test forklift, storage, BBQ and refrigerant cylinders
  • Test pressure vessels up to 500kg tare weight
  • Spare parts new and used
  • Repairs to cylinders
  • Free disposal of unwanted LPG cylinder
  • Deliver Australia wide

Mission Statement & Service Objective

Reconditioned Tanks

At Advanced Cylinder Testing we go to great lengths with our reconditioned tanks to present them in a manner that is comparable to a new cylinder, with the same life span as a new cylinder. Our reconditioned automotive LPG tanks come with a presentation equal to that of a new cylinder and a better warranty than some brands offer on there new cylinders. Firstly the tank is stripped back, parts that can be re-built are all o-rings are replaced, brass work is polished for presentation, the paintwork is sanded back to smooth out any imperfections and the tank is painted using a matching hammer tone silicon based paint. The ten year safety inspection will be completed the same month you purchase the cylinders, and finally we put a two year unlimited kilometer warranty on the valves and gauges.

Tank testing

In South Australia we offer a range of cylinder testing either drop off to our workshop or make a booking for our mobile test-station to come to you.

We specialise in automotive gas cylinder testing and charge from $66, we are the only test-station to offer second hand parts and reconditioned LPG tanks, for when the need arises to either replace a faulty part or replace a condemned tank.

We understand the importance of keeping costs as low as possible without compromising on quality.

Advanced Cylinder Testing (ACT) is committed to providing a premium same day service at competitive pricing, whilst remaining compliant with the relevant Australian Standards. ACT is a service driven company that believes providing excellent service will ensure continued growth for our company and yours.
ACT is committed to providing same day service, so when working in co-operation with Licensed Gas Fitters it is possible for our customers to provide a premium service to their customers.
The products that ACT use, provide and recommend are top of the range products whilst ACT is committed to providing competitive pricing, when comparing products the overall quality and reliability of a product will supersede price, we believe this to be essential when working with substances such as LPG.

Periodic cylinder inspections is the core of our business it is not a side line so you can rely on our ability to maintain compliance with the ever evolving Australian Standards, we stock consumables required by licensed gas fitters within the test station to streamline the service you offer to your customers and make ACT an asset to have at your workshop.

Advanced Cylinder Testing (formerly Quality Mobile Gas Testing) has been in the gas cylinder re-test compliance industry for over 10 years and has a proven track record of providing a safe and reliable service to the gas industry; we hope to be working with you in the future.

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